Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Paprika Patrika

I was halfway through cooking, when i realised we were out of indian chilli powder...I panicked!!I din't want to spoil this special feast...Then my gaze fell on the paprika bottle kept on the shelf.I used it apprehensive of the end results.
But voila!!!The aroma and flavor brought out the glutton in everyone.
This left me pondering,paprika,though starkly different from the indian counterpart, enhanced the taste of the dish.
It then struck me that the diversity between east and west runs deep..people,cultures,languages and much more.They may have contrasting natures but the underlying ethos remains the same.
So through 'Paprika Patrika', I intend to present the heterogeneity in this world.
Paprika, a seasoning, predominantly grown in the west, adds spice, color and flovor to dishes.Patrika is a Sanskrit word for newspaper.This confluence of east and west will provide spicy and delectable tidbits to whet your appetite and intellect.
Lets celebrate the diversity!!!